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The informative event on "Protection of personal data" was held with great interest and a lot of participation by the members of the Law Association of Magnesia, on Tuesday 27 of March in the area of the Volos Court.

Rapporteur of the event was Mr. Pitsoulis Nikolaos, chairman and CEO of Bee Group SA who during the event addressed issues such as:

  • What does the term Personal Data mean?
  • What does Process Personal Data mean?
  • What is the role of the Controller and the Processor?;
  • When is Personal Data processing allowed?
  • What does the term Personal Data Breach mean?
  • Important parts of the Regulation.
  • The steps required for the project design.

The new European Regulation about Privacy Policy (GDPR) that applies to all businesses (business executives and executive members) and especially members of the Law Association, who may assume the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO) in Enterprisers - NGO, Public Organizations and Local Authorities is put into immediate effect on 25.05.2018.
All businesses must now comply with the Privacy Policy Regulation and will be penalized in case of non - compliance. Complying, with the Regulation, is a necessity for businesses of every type and size.

The GDPR services we offer that were presented are:

  • Consulting services that assess the current compliance level related to management of personal data, in accordance to the 2016/679 requirements of the European Regulation, both at internal and legal level procedures.
  • Creation of Compliance Plan, with reference to the actions required to comply with the GDPR Regulation
  • Technological solutions about installation of various systems and technologies
  • Customization of existing systems in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR Privacy Policy.
  • Personnel training services.

You can find more information about the GDPR services we provide here.