Development of an Electronic Medical Case in the Region of Central Macedonia and transfer of know-how in southern Bulgaria

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This project refers to the creation of a cross-border (between Central Macedonia and South Bulgaria) cooperation for developing a medical system aimed to monitor patients and also providing an interconnection with Primary Health Care Practices (PHL). The aim of this project is:

  • Creation of a patient monitoring system through the development of a medical file as well as the ability of cross-border processing of medical data by using telemedicine techniques.
  • Creation of a Database that will be used to capture the population and the characteristics as well as health data for a more effective medical treatment and diagnosis in areas that are inaccessible.
  • Creation of an interconnection with the goal of informing physicians quicker in new scientific techniques on the field of medicine
  • Creation of a cross-border working group to detect international literature data and apply the information gained by them in order to create a primary electronic dossier, based on ICPC2 international classification.
  • Collaboration with a team specialized in medical informatics so that the transportation and application of data can be used in clinical practice
  • Training a group of general practitioners of medicine on the following:
    • International ICPC2 system
    • How to use the electronic medical record
    • Basic principles of biostatistics, medical informatics and research methodology
    • Pilot phase of the electronic medical card to selected PHC clinics
    • Analysis of the results from the pilot phase from target group.

BEE GROUP through a competitive procedure, undertook the specific project and in this context implemented the following actions:

  • Development and Operation of a "system" of ten (10) electronically conected doctors in Health Centers in the region of Central Macedonia in order to record patient data from the Medical Record.
  • Staffing and training with specialized scientific staff consisting of:
    • Ten (10) General Practitioners
      These 10 general practitioners will cover medical incidents - visits to patients in the prefecture of Thessaloniki and they will create the electronic medical case through the recording of patients and visits which will eventually help to effectively monitor the patients.
    • Support of the Electronic Medical Record with administrative financial and technical services:
      • One (1) Administrative Officer responsible for monitoring the Physical aspects of this particular sub-project
      • One (1) Administrative Financial Officer responsible for monitoring the Physical aspects of this particular sub-project 
      • Two (2) IT specialists


  • Database with recordings of 8000 visits to patients' electronic files
  • Analysis based on the results collected from the pilot phase
  • Design and conditions for expansion of services throughout Northern Greece and Southern Bulgaria.