"Design and Implementation of Home Care in Central Macedonia and Southern Bulgaria by Organized Health Units with the Use of Advanced Technology"

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This project is focused on the creation of a cross-border (Central Macedonia and South Bulgaria) cooperation for the development of three (3) units of home hospitalization and patient monitoring with the possibility of interconnection of Primary Health Care clinics using telemedicine. Home care is a provision of medical and nursing services provided by organized teams (Home Care - Help at Home) or otherwise known "hospital transition" to the patient's home (Hospital care at home). Home hospitalization is a right of patients and part of Primary Care in every modern European Health Systems. The top priority of the proposed project is the cross-border co-operation for the creation of three residential hospitals with the ability of interconnecting them with the Primary Health Care Departments.

During the implementation and operation of the home care program, the following implications and effects are expected:

  • Development of an organized and up-to-date network of Patient Monitoring System between the two countries
  • Decongestion of hospitals
  • The patients can stay in his own place
  • Avoidance of in-hospital infections
  • Smooth recovery
  • Cost reduction
  • Creating new jobs

In its final phase the program will have a fully implemented Patient Monitoring System.
BEE GROUP SA through a competitive procedure, undertook the specific project and in this context implemented the following actions:

  • Creation and Operation of three (3) Patient Monitoring Systems which will be developed in the region of Central Macedonia and will offer high-quality medical and nursing services.
  • Staffing and training with specialized scientific personnel of three (3) units of Patient Monitoring Systems that will consist of:
    • Three (3) Doctors
    • Three (3) Nurses
    • One (1) Health Visitor
    • One (1) Physiotherapist and
    • One (1) Social worker

Support with Administrative, financial and technical services of Three (3) units of Patient Monitoring System. For the continuous, reliable and unhindered operation of three (3) Patient Monitoring System, both the administrative and financial support: 

  • Telecommunication
  • Computerized (File Folder, usage of personal computer etc)
  • Administrative
  • Financial


  • 1500 home visits,
  • Database of registered patients requiring Patient Monitoring System
  • Analysis of the results from the pilot phase
  • Design and conditions for expansion of services throughout Northern Greece and Southern Bulgaria