South Eastern Europe Marine and River integrated system for monitoring the transportation of dangerous goods “SEE MARINER”

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The SEE MARINER project was aimed at alleviating the environmental risks arising from transporting dangerous goods in marine and river areas by implementing an integrated system designed to prevent such dangerous situations and responding to emergencies, as well as enhancing the monitoring of maritime and inland waterway traffic. Also it improves the coordination required to mobilize the competent authorities and stakeholders. The objectives of the project were:

  • Create a transnational tool for real-time monitoring
  • Measures that will prove and evaluate the benefits of SEE MARINER in sea/rivers to security agencies.
  • Provide to stakeholders the opportunity to manage environmental risks and and spread know-how to the candidate countries for the EU.
  • Enhance the awareness of existing Inland Water Information Services
  • Interaction by using SSN and CSN networks and other means of the EU for a common purpose which is to prevent risks by improving cooperation
  • Contribution in filling gaps in existing systems by offering additional services for coastal and riverine areas

BEE GROUP SA through a competitive procedure, undertook this project and in this context implemented the following actions:

  • Participation is the drafting of the SEE MARINER system
  • Participation in the drafting of the specifications of the SEE MARINER Data Center of PPA
  • Participation in Software Development of the  "Administrative module of the SEE MARINER Network Management Software".
  • Participation in the development of a training package for the PPA data center
  • Participation in the implementation of the PPA data center
  • Participation in the development of the integrated SEE MARINER system
  • Participation in training seminars
  • Participation in creating a report on the technical functionality of the SEE MARINER system