"Mobility For Nearly Zero Emissions of CO2 in Tourist Destinations of the Mediterranean with the acronym Mobilitas"

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The MOBILITAS project consisted of 7 Mediterranean countries(Italy, France, Cyprus, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia and Malta) which are affected by mass tourism that deal with great pressure on transport and mobility infrastructure. The problem usually occurs in the summer, but in some areas, traffic is also topping off in other months, due to exhibitions, festivals and conferences. All regions face congestion, with negative impacts in terms of air pollution, CO2 emissions, noise emissions, noise pollution, health, road safety and the loss of attractiveness of cities. 
The MOBILITAS project aimed at elaborating various scenarios to enable all stakeholders, both state and private, to collaborate so that they improve the quality of the environment as a whole. This was achieved by:

  • Through a common European approach with pilot trials and actions about Sustainable Mobility Tourism Policies: defining policy strategies to support existing or new projects (eg developing sustainable urban mobility plans).
  • Reducing traffic, electric vehicles and sharing of means of transportation:electric charging stations, electric cars, electric bikes, electric buses etc.
  • IT Tools and solutions concerning tourists / residents (software) to facilitate the congestion of tourist traffic.

Services Offered:
BEE GROUP through a competition, undertook the specific project by the Municipality of Piraeus and implemented the following actions:

Action 1.1: Managing the MOBILITAS project
Within the framework of this action, our company undertook the implementation of the following:

  • Preparation of four (4) Technical and Economic Progress Reports of the Project
  • Preparation of the Final Progress Report of the Project
  • Preparation of a report on the organization of (1) meeting about the project in Piraeus

Action 2.3: Implementation of a strategy about the project
Our company undertook the implementation of the following:

  • Reproduction of poster and project brochure
  • Conducting a Press Interview
  • Sending Press Releases
  • Preparing a Participation 
  • Develop a report about the promotion of the MOBILITAS project and the actions performed by the Municipality of Piraeus through Social Media
  • Creation of project video
  • Creation of a report by the Municipality of Piraeus on the projects' website

Action 3.1: Coordination of WP3 and participation in the Technical-Scientific Board (TSB)
Our company undertiook the preparation of two progress reports of the Technical - Scientific Board(TSB)

Action 3.2: Implementation of field research: collection of local / regional / traffic and tourism data and information 
As part of this action, our company undertook the completion of a questionnaire with field research data with local / regional / traffic / tourism data and information.

Action 3.3: Scenarios Report
AS part of the action, our company undertook the creation of a scenario report.

Action 3.4: Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) and policy documents about Sustainable Tourism Mobility (STM)
As part of the action, our company undertook the development of a Sustainable Tourism Mobility Plan for the Municipality of Piraeus

Action 3.5: Evaluation of pilot actions
As part of the action our company undertook the preperation of an Evaluation Report for Pilot Actions for the Municipality of Piraeus

Action 4.1 Results transferring of the pilot actions and adapting to the project's online platform
As part of the action, our company undertook the preparation of a report about transferring the results of the Pilot Actions & Adaptation to the project's electronic platform.